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Fenex Windows and Doors

Great windows and doors can only meet performance specification when they are properly installed. Our expert installation personnel have many years of experience in the installation of windows and doors. We are here to provide an effortless design experience and a superior installation.

The resident FENEX installation teams set us apart.

Our workmanship and products are backed by no-hassle guarantees. Ask our consultants for additional information and we would be pleased to provide it to you.

The Fenex History

Established in 1976, we built our reputation by consistently providing unbeatable service and top quality products to our clients. With over 30 years of experience in carpentry, we have grown and adapted our techniques to meet a changing industry. It is with you, our customers, that we have repeatedly achieved this growing success. With decades of success in the renovation industry, we bring you a confidence and a guarantee that your future project will not fall short of your expectations.

A Tradition of FENExcellence

Fenex Windows and Doors is a windows and doors specialty shop located in Ottawa, Ontario. Fenex Windows and Doors specializes in helping you find the correct windows and doors for your new home, or renovation project. Fenex Windows and Doors believes in total customer service when it comes to your window and or door purchase. Fenex Windows and Doors also offers installation of your new window and or doors. Fenex Windows and Doors is the leader in customer satisfaction and after sales service of your windows and doors.